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Brain waves are the electrical firings generated when the neurons inside your head communicate with each other. This communication is the origin of all your thoughts, emotions and actions. You can modify these electrical activities to strengthen and retrain your brain to function better. Sounds like science fiction? It’s not.

Light and Brain Waves

You can manipulate your brain waves to achieve the desired brain state. There are five different types of brain waves, and depending on what you are doing at a time, a particular brain wave will dominate over the others.

Delta waves are the slowest type of brain wave, measuring 0.5 to 3 Hz. They are produced when you’re in deep, dreamless sleep.

Theta waves, measuring 3 to 8 Hz, are produced during light sleep, daydreaming and twilight states

Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) are produced when you are awake but relaxed.

Beta waves (12 to 38 Hz) are the normal waking state of consciousness. They are present when you are alert and attentive.

Gamma waves (38 to 42 Hz) are the fastest (high frequency) brain waves. They are responsible for cognitive functioning, learning, memory and information processing.

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Image credit: Abhang, PA, Gawali, BW, Mehrotra, SC. Introduction to EEG- and Speech-Based Emotion Recognition, 2016.

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Your brain wave balance affects your daily experience. Evidence from animal and human studies has shown transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM), which delivers light energy to the brain, improves neural connectivity and promotes the desired brain state based on calculated wavelength, frequency. 

Finding Alpha 

During a time when uncertainty looms large and anxiety is high, your brain can benefit from alpha waves. Alpha activity has been linked to a reduction in stress, anxiety and even pain. As early as the 1960s and 1970s, alpha wave biofeedback has been identified to be a useful tool for measuring anxiety and depression because alpha waves are linked with relaxed mental states.

Mindfulness training and meditation have also been shown to produce noticeably more alpha waves. Neuroscientists from Brown University claim in a 2015 study [1] that the brain can benefit from “optimal inattention.” The researchers believe that people who suffer chronic pain or have depression or anxiety, can reduce their symptoms by creating an alpha brain state through the “power to ignore,” or mindfulness.

The ability to achieve and maintain a certain brain state is key to optimizing your brain for peak performance cognitively, physically and emotionally. And that state can be achieved through non-invasive, medication-free light stimulation [2].

A mantra for your daily alpha state of mind:

Clear unwanted thoughts, recharge and carry on.


[1] Sacchet, MD et al. (2015). Attention Drives Synchronization of Alpha and Beta Rhythms between Right Inferior Frontal and Primary Sensory Neocortex. 
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