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recharge your mind™ Anytime, Any-WEAR

Niraxx is developing the next generation of wearable digital therapeutics for brain health…

… integrating safe, effective light therapy into clothing.

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…working with world-class research and fashion partners to develop our line of wearable therapeutics, envisioning a personalized digital therapeutics system that will provide brain state monitoring, live feedback reporting and real-time light dosage adjustment.

Research Partners 


Niraxx Brain Pacer™


3+ Years of R&D…

Niraxx is excited about transforming embodied experience through clothing-form wearable digital therapeutics. We worked hard with our interdisciplinary team comprised of textile design, engineering and digital health experts to translate light therapy from device form factor into flexible, easy-to-wear e-textile technology. 

Recharge your mind daily with on-demand light therapy. A maximum of 40 minutes per day.

Brainpower Now

Anytime, Any-Wear.

The brain uses a lot of energy to power your everyday activities. When your brain does not have sufficient energy, it cannot perform at its best. Light therapy, or Photobiomodulation, is a clinically-proven, safe and effective way to enhance brain energy and oxygen metabolism.

Increased Energy Production, Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity. 

Early Brain Pacer EEG data show a significant increase in neural functional connectivity. Better connections between neurons allow neurons to send information via neurotransmitters faster and more accurately, resulting in improved cognition and brain health.


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