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Niraxx is developing the next generation of digital wearable medicine…

… by integrating non-invaisve, non-drug Potomedicine into clothing.

… to revolutionize brain health and mental health care by providing  Zero Stigma, Truly Wearable Solutions.

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The evidence-based science of Brain photobiomodulation (tPBM) is well-documented in over 20+ Years of Academic Research and 600+ Peer-Reviewed papers.


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About 100 billion neurons power these processes by communicating through tiny electrical pulses that generate measurable brainwaves. Depending on what you are currently thinking or doing, certain frequencies of brainwaves will be dominant over the others.Powering the brain takes a lot of energy. When your brainwaves are not properly balanced, it can negatively affect your cognitive function and mental wellbeing.

Work Better

Brain Photobiomodulation (tPBM) stimulates the brain from the cellular level, resulting in increased brain energy and enahnced brain cell repair and regneration.

Early Brain Pacer EEG data show significant increase in neural functional connectivity. Better connections between neurons allow neurons to send information via neurotransmitter faster and more accurately, resulting in improved cognition and brain health.


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The Brain Pacer is Bluetooth connected and controlled through the Niraxx Life™ App. Explore our six programs until you find one (possibly more) programs that best fit your brain health needs. You can use the device as often as every day. We recommend that you do not exceed 40 minutes in a single day. 

To clean our reusable, sustainable solution, simply wipe down the surface of the device with an alcohol wipe or a damp towel. 

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A non-drug, evidence-based solution for better focus, energy and brain performance. EEG comparison study between our Brain Pacer (working) and Sham (not working) devices confirms that the benefits are real and not placebos. 

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Your brain is arguably the most important organ in the human body. It controls and coordinates every aspect of your life, including thinking, memory, feelings and sleep. Good brain health enhances your performance in work and life. It also lowers the risk for brain disease.

What is brain tpBM? And is it safe?

Brain photobiomodulation (tPBM) applies near-infrared light to the brain to stimulate photochemical reactions in neurons. This improves your cognitive function from the cellular level. Benefits include increased ATP energy production, increased neuroprotection and neural repair, and reduced inflammation. There are no known major side effects.

How do I start using my Niraxx Brain Pacer?

Go to your application store on your mobile phone to download the Niraxx Life App. Open the app and follow the steps to create your account. Once your account is registered, please verify your email. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone. Attach the power pod to your Niraxx Brain Pacer and press the power button for 3 seconds. The Brain Pacer will sync directly with the Niraxx Life app.

Check out this video on how to set up your Niraxx Brain Pacer.

Which program should I choose? And for how long?

The Niraxx Life App offers six programs for your brain health needs. We encourage you to explore all the programs until you find one (possibly more) that makes you feel empowered. Start with the lowest time setting (10 minutes) and gradually increase the duration of the sessions as needed. We recommend using your Niraxx Brain Pacer for a maximum of 40 minutes per day.

how often should I use my Niraxx Brain Pacer ?

We recommend using your Niraxx Brain Pacer twice or more times a week for a maximum of 40 minutes per day. Continued application of tPBM helps to sustain the benefits. 

Can I use my Niraxx Brain Pacer while charging?

Your Niraxx Brain Pacer is usable while charging. Use the provided USB cord to charge your device. Charge until all 3 battery indicators are blue.

Access quick start guide, additional FAQs and other information to help you jump start your Niraxx Life™ journey.

In the News:

Co-Founder and tPBM Technology Pioneer, Dr. Paolo, Cassano, MD, PhD

“At Mass. General, Paolo Cassano… is working on one of several pilot studies nationwide of transcranial infrared light therapy [which is] believed to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain as well as increase the formation of neurons.”

“Cassano thinks light therapy could provide a groundbreaking new tool for depression treatment — one that is affordable, without side effects and more immediate than medication.”

“New research at Massachusetts General Hospital is showing that it may be able to treat severe depression with the use of specialized light and without medication.”

“Exposure to a light that isn’t visible to the naked eye may be the next breakthrough treatment for depression. Massachusetts General Hospital psychiatrist Paolo Cassano, MD, PhD, and other researchers at MGH and elsewhere, are seeing encouraging results in studies of near-infrared light—the light closest on the spectrum to visible light.”


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We are excited to empower more people take care of their brain health for life. We are interested to expand our partner programs in clinical research, fashion, sports medicine and  mindfulness.


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