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The World’s First e-Textile Photobiomodulation Wearable for Brain Health.

Thinking, Moving, Feeling—About 100 billion neurons in your brain power these actions by generating electrical signals called brainwaves. The Niraxx Brain Pacer is a science-based solution that uses natural, personalized light stimulation to balance your brainwaves so you can be your best self at work and life.


Soft Touch Technology 

Revolutionary Neurotech wearable in the form of e-Textile. Designed to fit into daily life and provide a cognitive boost anytime, anywhere.


Safe, well-researched technology. Light therapy activates neurons to produce more energy and enhance cell repair and regeneration.


There’s no one-size-fits all solution. Each person’s optimized brain state is unique. Choose from our six programs.

“Transcranial infrared light therapy [is] believed to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain as well as increase the formation of neurons.”

“Light therapy could provide a groundbreaking new tool for depression treatment—one that is affordable, without side effects and more immediate than medication.”  

“New research at Massachusetts General Hospital is showing that it may be able to treat severe depression with the use of specialized light and without medication.” 

“Exposure to a light that isn’t visible to the naked eye may be the next breakthrough treatment for depression.” 

Your One-Stop Brain Solution Woven Into Everyday Wear. 

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Brainwaves, which affect all aspects of brain functioning from thoughts, emotions to behaviors, can be influenced by light, or transcranial photobiomodulation, and altered to achieve desirable brain activity.  


cerebral blood flow


cell ATP energy production


neural repair, neuroprtection


neural plasticity



Fine-tune your brain with personalized programs that fit your needs.