May is National Mental Health Awareness month. And in light of COVID-19, which has brought with it public health crisis, global economic upheaval, and widespread uncertainty, mental health is undeniably a topic of eminent prominence.

Stress triggered fight-or-flight response is not always a bad thing. It isn’t good when there’s too much stress and you are feeling amped up all the time. Stress-related problems can include digestive issues, insomnia, and a weakened immune system.

The human brain is a three-pound wonder that regulates everything we do. Given the centrality of the brain, its health is a priority. Studies in both animals and people have shown that stress can negatively affect brain functions like memory, mood, and sleep.

During this stressful, unprecedented times, how do we manage our brain health as we grapple with the new normal?

There are plenty of articles addressing this topic. A healthy diet, sleep, and adequate exercise have all be shown to be beneficial. And there is also the lesser mentioned: the power of light.

The Niraxx Brain Pacer™ combines non-invasive, effective light therapy (transcranial photobiomodulation, or tPBM) with wearable garment to deliver a portable solution that blends into daily life. By delivering near-infrared light energy to the brain, the device recharges your brain from the cellular level. Visit Our Science page to learn more about how tPBM works to drive that cognitive boost.

It is important to us that our solution can fit into your lifestyle because we believe taking care of brain health calls for an accessible solution.

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