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When you think of health wearables, what comes to mind? Smartwatches? Fitness Trackers? Or a variety of miniaturized medical devices that track and monitor?

Wearable technology, which is expected to exceed $60 billion in global sales by 2025 according to a report from Research and Markets, has been largely associated with gadgets that measure and track different biological and physiological metrics. While we have seen consumer wearable technology being generally focused on sports and fitness (in the form of something you put around your wrist), we believe there is a tremendous opportunity for health wearables to be more. We are talking about in the form of clothing!

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The Embodied Experience 

Here at Niraxx, our mission is to enable you to take charge of your brain health for life through our line of effective, easy-to-use photobiomodulation (PBM) solutions that optimize brain performance by fine-tuning brainwave activities to pace-perfection. To that end, we believe we need to develop clinically-validated solutions that seamlessly fit into everyday life. And that is why we have chosen clothing as our wearable form factor.

What opportunities does wearable health technology offer when integrated into clothing? And to the embodied experience?

Form Factor Advantages 

First, electronically embedded clothing doesn’t carry stigmas that are associated with conventional medical devices. That means you don’t need to worry about raising eyebrows when you put on our Brain Pacer for a little brainpower-boosting photobiomodulation therapy. The chosen form factor also offers a broad-scale opportunity for adoption and integration into multiple lifestyles. For example, our Brain Pacer can be worn as a regular headband (for a workout or as an everyday accessory), or be used as a wellness device when paired with the battery pod. Moreover, the form factor (designed to fit the wearer’s natural physiology) allows maximum wearability and comfort.

Second, the form factor opens up the possibility to make health wearables more chic, and less gadget-like. No spoiler alerts here, but we have begun working with fashion partners to grow our line of wellness PBM wearables. 

The translation from device-form medical devices to a clothing-form Bluetooth-connected system is not easy—we have spent three years working very hard to overcome challenges like how to turn PBM from device form factor into embeddable, flexible e-textile technology and select material that is optimized for temperature variance—but we are excited to be part of the paradigm shift toward healthcare that is personalized and controlled by individuals like you. 

We aim to innovate with the wearer in the center, one clothing form factor wearable milestone at a time.

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