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Since the coronavirus outbreak in March, more than two-thirds of American workers have been working from home, according to the latest Gallup Panel data. While working from home is not always preferred, you can improve productivity by applying these simple DIY tips to change the feel and look of your home workspace. 

Optimize Light

Here at Niraxx, we are obsessed with the natural healing power of light and studies agreed.

Natural light and outdoor views are the most sought-after elements for employees, according to a Future Workplace survey that polled over 1600 employees. 47% of those who did not have access to natural light reported feeling tired at work. Natural light also reduces symptoms of eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision by 84%, which can impact productivity, according to a Cornell study.

Organize your home workspace to include optimal natural light and outdoor views. And if that’s not possible, get creative with how you incorporate light. You can add a desk lamp that serves as both lighting fixture and décor or a Sun Frame that features a view and natural light that automatically changes from dawn to dusk light.

Bring Nature In

There are plenty of psychological and physiological benefits when you interact with nature. Adding a little “green” (a.k.a. plants) to your workspace can help reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance focus. 

Here are three photo-ready, almost impossible to kill indoor plant ideas (from left to right):

  1. Chinese Money Plant (or Pilea): The plant features sand-dollar-shaped leaves. It enjoys full, but not direct, sun and requires watering about once a week. Originating from Southwest Yunnan province of China, the plant is reputed to bring in good fortune, money and abundance to its owner.
  2. Succulents: There are over hundreds of succulent varieties, which makes it fun to maintain an assorted collection of these plants at home. They are easy-going and can go dormant if they don’t get enough water, or start growing again once they do get water.
  3. Sansevierias (Snake Plant): The architectural plant features stiff, sword-like leaves that make it a good natural addition for a modern and contemporary vibe. The hardy plant can withstand full sun or low light and can go on for a month without water.

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Add Accent Color

Opt for a clean, distraction-free home office backdrop palette, such as off-white. Consider adding accent color using furniture or functional desk accessories and organizers.

Some colors have positive psychological effects and can even help stimulate your brain. For example, yellow brightens a space, blue calms and helps with concentration, and pink (peachy pink and coral pink) improves focus and boosts creativity.


Van Den BergM. et al. (2015). Health benefits of green spaces in the living environment: A systematic review of epidemiological studiesUrban Forestry & Urban Greening. 14, pp. 806816. 

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