Brain Pacer™


Our Mission

Niraxx is developing the next generation of digital wearable therapeutics integrating on-demand light therapy in clothing. We aim to deliver accessible brain health solutions that empower you to achieve optimal focus, productivity and mental balance.

World-Class Research

The evidence-based science of brain photobiomodulation (PBM) is well-documented in over 20+ years of academic research and 600+ peer-reviewed papers. We partner with top research institutions to develop 1st-in-class wearable digital therapeutics.

Healthy Subject Efficacy Study 
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Depression Phase II Study
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Mechanism of Action

Brain Photobiomodulation (PBM)


Niraxx Brain Pacer employs the safe, non-invasive light-based neuromodulation known as Photobiomodulation (PBM). The approach requires no medication and provides long-lasting benefits by changing how your brain works from the neuron-level up.

No medication

Long-lasting Benefits

The application of appropriate, tailored near-infrared wavelengths to the brain induces a variety of positive photochemical reactions. One of the primary benefits is increased neuronal mitochondria energy, or adenosine triphosphate (ATP), production. Without sufficient ATP, which is the main cellular energy fueling proper cell function, the brain cannot stay vital and healthy. The transference of light energy also triggers nitric oxide (NO) production. The important molecule is critical for good blood vessel health. Inadequate cerebral blood flow and circulation can make the brain experience fuzzy memory, forgetfulness, poor concentration and even dementia. There is significant evidence supporting PBM’s potential to improve cognitive function in both diseased and healthy brains.


Finding Pace-Perfection

Alpha & Gamma


Thinking, Moving, Feeling—About 100 billion neurons power these processes by communicating through tiny electrical pulses known as brainwaves. There are five patterns of brainwaves and depending on what you are doing at the time, your brainwave state varies.

Better Productivity, Focus and Balance 

Niraxx Brain Pacer helps you obtain optimal brain state using a combination of Gamma (32-100 Hz) and Alpha waves (8-13Hz). Alpha brainwaves can be found during activities like yoga and meditation; Gamma brainwaves are responsible for modulating perception and high-level information processing. The ability to fine-tune your perfect mental state, exactly when you need it, helps enhance your productivity, mental wellbeing and overall cognitive function. 


Brain Pacer EEG Data


Results from a controlled efficacy study show that the Brain Pacer increases neuronal performance significantly. Stronger functional connectivity means that neurons communicate faster and more effectively with one another, resulting in improved focus, energy, and overall cognitive function. The color Brain Pacer EEG images here show that functional connectivity is greatly increased after a single 40-minute “Find Focus” session. More importantly, results from another controlled study comparing active (working) and sham (not-working) devices further validate that these pro-brain benefits are real and not placebos.

Wearable Experience Reimagined

Soft Touch™

Anytime, Any-Wear


We believe that in order to effectively care for your brain health, our line of therapeutic solutions needs to be easily accessible and seamlessly incorporable into everyday life. That is why we have picked clothing as our wearable device form factor. We spent three years translating brain PBM from bulky, inconvenient devices to a clothing-form Bluetooth-connected system. Our patented Soft Touch smart fabric technology accommodates heat changes and optimizes PBM delivery.

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