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Our Science

Mechanism of Action

Brain Photobiomodulation (PBM)

The application of appropriate, tailored near-infrared wavelengths to the brain induces a variety of positive photochemical reactions. One of the primary benefits is increased neuronal mitochondria energy, or adenosine triphosphate (ATP), production. Without sufficient ATP, which is the main cellular energy fueling proper cell function, the brain cannot stay vital and healthy. The transference of light energy also triggers nitric oxide (NO) production. The important molecule is critical for good blood vessel health. Inadequate cerebral blood flow and circulation can make the brain experience fuzzy memory, forgetfulness, poor concentration and even dementia. There is significant evidence supporting tPBM’s potential to improve cognitive function in both diseased and healthy brain.



Niraxx Brain Pacer EEG Data

Results from a controlled efficacy study show that the Brain Pacer increases neuronal performance significantly. Stronger functional connectivity means that neurons communicate faster and more effectively with one another, resulting in improved focus, energy, and overall cognitive function. The color Brain Pacer EEG images here show that functional connectivity is greatly increased after a single 40-minute “Find Focus” session. More importantly, results from another controlled study comparing active (working) and sham (not-working) devices further validate that these pro-brain benefits are real and not placebos.

Soft Touch™ 

Anytime, Any-Wear

We believe that in order to effectively care for your brain health, our line of therapeutic solutions needs to be easily accessible and seamlessly incorporable into everyday life. That is why we have picked clothing as our wearable device form factor. We spent three years translating brain PBM from bulky, inconvenient devices to a clothing-form Bluetooth-connected system. Our patented Soft Touch smart fabric technology accommodates heat changes and optimizes PBM delivery.

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Upcoming Clinical Trials 

ADHD Phase III Study

Efficacy of t-PBM as a treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder using Niraxx Brain Pacer.

Depression Phase II Study

Efficacy of t-PBM as a standalone treatment for depression using Niraxx Brain Pacer.

Our Research Partners

In the News:

Co-Founder and tPBM Technology Pioneer, Dr. Paolo, Cassano, MD, PhD

“At Mass. General, Paolo Cassano… is working on one of several pilot studies nationwide of transcranial infrared light therapy [which is] believed to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain as well as increase the formation of neurons.”

“Cassano thinks light therapy could provide a groundbreaking new tool for depression treatment — one that is affordable, without side effects and more immediate than medication.”

“New research at Massachusetts General Hospital is showing that it may be able to treat severe depression with the use of specialized light and without medication.”

“Exposure to a light that isn’t visible to the naked eye may be the next breakthrough treatment for depression. Massachusetts General Hospital psychiatrist Paolo Cassano, MD, PhD, and other researchers at MGH and elsewhere, are seeing encouraging results in studies of near-infrared light—the light closest on the spectrum to visible light.”