Increase Energy

“Before I left the house while I was getting ready I put [Niraxx Brain Pacer] on for 10 minutes, and my run was terrifc”

—Jerry Ahern

Lift Up Mood

Research at Massachusetts General Hospital is showing that tPBM uplifts mood. 

—The Washington Post & The Boston Globe

Reduce Stress

“I had a very stressful day, had many appointments and the traffic was terrible. I came home exhausted. I put this [Niraxx Brain Pacer] on, and I feel very relaxed.

—Beatriz Pentagna

Find Focus

“I was able to attend back-to-back classes from noon to 6, two midterms and one meeting.”

—Alison Le

Restore Sleep

“It has helped me a lot. It’s the best natural option I have found.

—Guilhermo Panno

Boost Libido

Cassano, P. et al. (2018). Effects of transcranial photobiomodulation with near‐infrared light on sexual dysfunction. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. 

About Niraxx Light Therapeutics 

Niraxx was founded in November 2016 by co-founders Joshua Chen, a light therapy enthusiast and serial entrepreneur, and Dr. Paolo Cassano, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of Photobiomodulation at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Division of Neuropsychiatry. We wanted to create a new category of wearable for brain health and related disorders that will empower individuals to take charge of their brain health for life.

We believe there is a great need for more effective, accessible, personalized mental health care. Not only has health care for brain health previously lagged behind due to a focus on brain diseaes, the topic is even more paramount in light of the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic.

We launched Niraxx Brain Pacer™ and Niraxx Life™, our device and app solution, to deliver non-invasive light therapy (tPBM) in a way that is comfortable, stylish, convenient and data-driven. The safety and efficacy of tPBM has been demonstrated in both healthy adult and patient subjects, and has been widely written about in over 600 peer-reviewed articles found in the National Institute of Health database.

We are a leader in pioneering the integration of clothing into brain health wearable. The combination of textile and electronics is important to us because we believe to effectively care and manage mental health, our solution needs to blend seamlessly into daily life and be easily accessible.

We’ve only just started on this exciting journey. We continue to work with top researchers and scientists to further develop AI, machine learning and enhance personalized care.

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Media Contact 

For additional questions or to request an interview with one of our executives, please send your inquiries to Sherry Hsieh.

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