How the Niraxx Brain Pacer™ Works

The communication between neurons in your brain emit electrical pulses called brainwaves. They are crucial to all aspects of brain functioning, including how we learn, function, and feel. Stimuli from your everyday life may negatively change your brainwaves. Developed based on years of research and user data, the Niraxx Brain Pacer™ uses near-infrared light to stinulate the brain’s natural calming and energizing processes to optimize your brain for best performance in work and life.

Getting Started

1. Plug provided USB-C cable into any USB Port charge your Power Pod. Charge until all 3 battery indicators are blue.




2. Go to your application store on your phone to download the Niraxx Life™ app.






3. Open the Niraxx Life™ app and follow the steps in the app to create your account.






4. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device. Attach the power pod to the Brain Pacer and press the power button for 3 seconds. The Brain Pacer will sync directly with the Niraxx Life™ app. There is no need to pair your device in your Bluetooth settings.

The power pod will start to blink red and blue when waiting to connect to your phone. The Brain Pacer™ and your phone are successfully paired when the light turns to a fading in and out white light.




Fitting the Niraxx Brain Pacer™

1. Put the Brain Pacer™ directly around the head. Use the adjustable strap to make sure the Brain Pacer™ fits snuggly and does not slip down.

2. Make sure the Brain Pacer™ sits level, just between your eye brow and hairline. Move hair out of the way and make sure the Brain Pacer™ has full contact with your forehead. Do not cover your eyes with the Brain Pacer™.

3. Locate the position sensor on the Brain Pacer™. The sensor should be centered right above your nose, and the power pod towards the left backside of your head.

4. The app will measure the placement of the Brain Pacer™ automatically. The indicator on the bottom right of the screen will tell you if the headband is positioned correctly, this may take up to 2 minutes. If longer than 2 minutes, try unpairing then re-pairing your device.

Choosing a Program 

1. The Niraxx Life™ app offers six programs for your brain health needs. We encourage you to explore each program until you find one, possibly more, that best recharge your mind.






2. Choose a program and start the program. Press the start button and the program will run by itself in the background on your phone.

3. The program will stop automatically at the end of the timer. Take the Brain Pacer off and charge as needed for future sessions. To turn off the Brain Pacer, press the menu icon in the lower left corner of your Niraxx Life™  app and select the power button. You can also turn off the Brain Pacer™ by holding the power button on the power pod for 3 seconds.

Additional Tips 

1. We recommend you begin your Niraxx Life™ journey with the lowest timer setting, 10 minutes. You can gradually increase the duration of the programs.

2. We recommend using the Brain Pacer™ for a maximum of 40 minutes per day, that can be a single 40-minute session or two 20-minute sessions depending on your personal needs.

3. Your brain is unique and we encourage you to discover your own brain health plan that best empower you.