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Alison L.

After trying Niraxx [Brain Pacer] for 20 minutes in the beginning of my day, I was able to attend back-to-back classes from noon to 6, two midterms and one meeting. After that I still had enough energy to go out with my friends.


Jerry A.

I woke up this morning at 5:30. I was going for a training run, half marathon. Before I left the house while I was getting ready, I put this on for 10 minutes and my run was terrific.


Emily N.

I tried Niraxx [Brain Pacer] and I feel so much more energized. I could power through my workout and am comfortable enough to wear it to the gym.


Guilhermo P.

This week I worked a lot. I used Niraxx [Brain Pacer] to help me relax. It has helped a lot. It’s the best natural option I have found.

Brain Power On-Demand

Your brain uses a lot of energy to power your daily activities and it can use an energy boost from time to time to perform at its optimum level. Niraxx Brain Pacer™ delivers unique wavelengths and frequencies of near-infrared light to activate your brain’s natural regenerative process. It is clinically tested to improve memory, focus and concentration.

Anytime, Any-wear

Find focus, re-energize and perform your best with this easy self-care solution. Our Soft Touch™ smart textile technology stems from our belief that an effective brain health solution must fit seamlessly into your daily life.

Increase brain power and performance with just 20-40 minutes, 2x per week.

It’s Your Life

Taking care of your brain health, like keeping your body fit and working out, is a lifestyle. Whether you are a business professional looking to enhance your performance at work, a student targeting to be top of your class, a busy parent needing stress relief, or an older adult embracing successful aging, Niraxx Brain Pacer™ can help you reach your personal brain health goals.

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